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The issue of technology in the world of education has been in the researchers daily records, as much has been said and said again, but when it comes to the area of the EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES in education otherwise known as educational technologies, is something new if not different.

Emerging Technologies can be viewed to others as those used as web 2.0 such as the face book, twitter, google-plus etc, but as par as education is concern , the issue is quite different. Educationally, technologies especially using emerging ones; refers to the use of such technologies in teaching, and learning. Have a look at this video on emerging technologies in education.

Then what about this one?

The emergence of this technologies my dear colleagues has contributed a lot in the convergence culture of so many profession, right from education, medicine, media and th marketing, of course convergence as a result of the emerging technologies does not means only having produce materials and services going on the same page or having  print news with televised version on your mobile phone but people have their classrooms on their own hand and enter when and where they want to do so.
The use of ipad in the classroom is another helping hand for both teachers and the students, have a look at this video clip:

Basically, there are some countries nowadays looking at the possibility of taking all the school curriculum online, which means you can have a look at your course content where ever you are and have a pre-class reading. This will definitely help in the rapid development of education, it will also help school administrators to reduce coast in the students needs such as having big theater halls, student accommodations as mostly will go online.



About Musa Gamji

I am simple and assertive while dealing with others- an agent for social change I love communications for development changes. I am a Journalist by profession, as well as trained educational Technologists.
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2 Responses to Educational Technologies in focus

  1. says:

    Hi Musa,

    nice videos; especially those with pupils sleeping in the class! I remember myself as a very good, consistent pupil but there were lots of time that I was about to fall asleep during a lesson because of boredom!!
    So, may I say that introducing tecchnology like blogs and ipads as educational tools sounds almost necessary. No way should the presence of the teacher be undermined so I am quite skeptical of the school curriculum online. I love it as an idea but that does not mean that the notion of school as a building has to be ‘knocked down’. I mean that people are human beings and they need interaction, through which stimulus and motivation will rise; so, I agree on having the curriculum online, I agree that it would be extremely useful for both pupils and teachers to have the lesson prepared before its actual presentation in class but all these should then take ‘real existence’ in the classroom.

    • adarawa says:

      Of course, Danai, the issue of online curriculum will not and never be a problem for physical classroom set up, you know, that is the only way that low learner student can have a helping hand from the fast learners, and the interaction as humans, studens will feel like learning from others which is based on Learning by imitation and interaction. However, having Digital Technologies in the class will serve as helping tools -teaching aids-aparatus, for both Teachers and the student, and that will enhace learning itself., watch y new post about the 21st cenury learning.

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