Social Media Usage as Discussion Forum by Academics

Academic activities have been transformed as a result of technological advancement within the educational environment, in which social media have been chosen to serve as a discussion forum by academics with a view to sharing their knowledge and idea with peers and colleagues.

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3. Some Key Terms

Derrida: The Father of Deconstruction

1. Deconstruction

Deconstruction is a strategy of critical questioning directed towards exposing unquestionable metaphysical assumptions and internal contradictions in philosophical and literary language. Deconstruction often involves a way of reading that concerns itself with decentering—with unmasking the problematic nature of all centers. Further deconstruction is a form of textual practice derived from Derrida, which aims to demonstrate the inherent insatiability of both language and meaning. It rejects the word “analysis” or “interpretation” as well as it rejects any assumption of texts.

2. Binary Oppositions

The binary opposition is the structuralist idea that acknowledges the human tendency to think in terms of opposition. For Saussure the binary opposition was the “means by which the units of language have value or meaning; each unit is defined against what it is not.” With this categorization, terms and concepts tend to be associated with a positive or negative. For example, Reason/Passion, Man/Woman, Inside/Outside, Presence/Absence…

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The new year starts… with the MA: DTCE’s biggest ever cohort

this is wonderful, soon there is going to be more educational technologists, around the globe especially the Asian, Middle east and Africa

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Producing Video for Teaching and Learning

Educational Video production is part of the major courses in the MADTCE program .

MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education

Introduction to Educational Video Production (EDUC61632) commences in semester 2 in a slightly modified form than previous years with greater focus and connection to the main themes of the DTCE programme.

Practical production experience is still a substantial element of the content. This year also sees a reduction in coursework components from three elements to two.iEVP requires participants to meet the many challenges involved in producing their own educational video, a new and very rewarding experience for most.

The main themMike's book on producing video for teaching and learninges of the course have now been produced into a book which guides the reader through the various stages of production and provides insight into the production process and learning objective achievement using the video medium.

Successful participants are rewarded with a production crew polo shirt .

The next running of Introduction to Educational Video Production (iEVP) begins on 30 January 2014 and is open to…

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Kura hills in Kotorkoshi emirate, Zamfara state, come and explore more


This is part of historical places in Zamfara state, Nigeria, in fact one can visit as many as historical and touring centres in the State, there are some places like Lake Natu in Bakura emirate, and Kuyambana game reserve in Dansadau emirate.

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Public hearing on the Nigeria 1999 constitutional review at sokoto

At the just concluded senate public hearing on the review of the Nigeria 1999 constitution, held at sokoto, sokoto state Nigeria from 15-16 of Oct, 2012. During the hearing civil society organisations, state governments as well as some NGO’s have presented their memorandum  before the senate committee on the review with a view to rep letting their needs and right in the amended constitution. At least five new states were advocated by various movement in the North West zone of the county.


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Learning of the 21st Century

Learning and Teaching in the world are developing to the extent that no one can predict the future of our educational environment in the next 50 years, Learning as orther institutions it is being globalised, like doctores without boaders, now there is learning without boaders.
It is in deed a futurnate time for the 21st Century Learners to have this kind of learning environment.
Just have a look at this video by Lord David Puttnam about the Learning in the 21st century.

Watch this few minute interview on the development of education and the use of Digital Technologies as emerging Tech.

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Educational Technologies in focus

Hi All

The issue of technology in the world of education has been in the researchers daily records, as much has been said and said again, but when it comes to the area of the EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES in education otherwise known as educational technologies, is something new if not different.

Emerging Technologies can be viewed to others as those used as web 2.0 such as the face book, twitter, google-plus etc, but as par as education is concern , the issue is quite different. Educationally, technologies especially using emerging ones; refers to the use of such technologies in teaching, and learning. Have a look at this video on emerging technologies in education.

Then what about this one?

The emergence of this technologies my dear colleagues has contributed a lot in the convergence culture of so many profession, right from education, medicine, media and th marketing, of course convergence as a result of the emerging technologies does not means only having produce materials and services going on the same page or having  print news with televised version on your mobile phone but people have their classrooms on their own hand and enter when and where they want to do so.
The use of ipad in the classroom is another helping hand for both teachers and the students, have a look at this video clip:

Basically, there are some countries nowadays looking at the possibility of taking all the school curriculum online, which means you can have a look at your course content where ever you are and have a pre-class reading. This will definitely help in the rapid development of education, it will also help school administrators to reduce coast in the students needs such as having big theater halls, student accommodations as mostly will go online.



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I just made a new Voki. See it here:

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